How to Update HP Printer Drivers

Is your PC responding slow and hampering your work? You might be worried about the reason behind it, but may not find the exact reason. An outdated or corrupt driver might cause your PC to become unstable and crash. Therefore, it’s advised to update your driver to enhance your PC performance. Updated drivers  contain bug fixes, stability improvements, and new features that support your computer. When it comes to your printer, you need to update drivers essentially if you’re running a new version of an operating system or if you experience printing problems. Here are some steps to guide you to update your HP printer driver.

Update your Outdated Printer Driver

Step 1: To update your printer drivers, first confirm the model number of your printer. If you are not aware of the model number, you can usually find the name and number on the printer itself, or even in the ‘Devices and Printers’ panel.

Step 2: Once you have confirmed the model number and name of the printer go to the HP website and click on “Support and drivers”.

HP Service

HP Service

Step 3: Click on “Drivers and downloads” option on the screen and enter your Printer name and model number in the search option and click on the GO button.


Find HP Products Drivers

Step 4: Make sure that you select your desired operating system version to get the latest and correct driver update. Once you have selected the operating system click to download the driver under the‘Driver’ heading.

Step 5:  After you have downloaded the latest driver, run the installer to complete the setup. Once you have completed the download, restart your system. Your printer will have the latest driver version installed.



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