How to Fix Dell Printer Error 1203

DELL Error 1203

DELL Error 1203

Your printer might be a good hardware, but if it has begun to show “Printer 1203” error then it needs to be taken care of so as to get it working again. When your printer indicates this error, it means your cartridge is overflowing despite being a brand new cartridge even after a refill. You can fix the “Printer 1203” error on your own by following any or all of the steps given in this post.

Solution 1:
1) Clean the contacts on the cartridge w/ a damp cloth. Only do it in one direction so that you’re not smearing ink all over the contacts.
2) Disconnect and then reconnect the power cord from the wall and from the back of the printer. Wait for about 30 seconds, and then plug everything back in.
If this doesn’t work, you may need to replace the ink cartridges. You can always try it one more time just to be sure.
Solution 2:
1. With the printer turned on, open the front cover and remove both cartridges from the printer.
2. Power the printer OFF and unplug the power cable for 30 seconds. Plug the power cable back in and turn ON the printer.
3. If the error message is now cleared from the printer, please perform the “Self-Test” by following the steps below:
1. Make sure the printer is in “Copy Mode.”
2. Press the “Menu” button once.
3. The screen will display “Copy Menu: Copies”.
4. Press the left arrow button once. The screen will display “Copy Menu: Tools”.
5. Press the check button once. The screen with read “Tools: Maintenance”.
6. Press the check button once. The screen with read “Maintenance: Ink Levels”.
7. Press the right arrow button until the screen reads “Maintenance: Print Test Page”.
8. Press the check button once. This will start the Self-Test. Once the page has printed, the printer will stop. The test is not continuous.



If the Dell printer error 1203 continues to appear, call us at +1-855-704-4301 and get a Dell printer expert to help you.


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