How to Connect to a Printer on Windows 8

To start printing from your Windows 8 computer, you must have a printer along with printer driver software installed on it. Printing is indeed one of the regular needs of users to help them meet their professional as well as personal goals. With Windows 8, printing is the easiest thing to do whether for apps, mails, documents, settings, or virtually anything. Now that Windows 8 supports almost all the printer makes and models, it should not take you a second thought to get started with it.

Step 1: If the printer is already installed on your computer

If the printer is already installed on your Windows 8 machine but it still cannot print, it’s probably due to the incompatible driver software or their corrupt installation following which the connection remains impossible. To fix this problem, navigate to “Control Panel”, “All Control Panel Items”, “Troubleshooting” and then “Run programs made for previous versions of Windows” “Advanced”.

From the list of programs, select your printer program. If the program does not appear in the list, click “Not Listed” option. When prompted, connect the printer to your computer using the USB cable or to your Wi-Fi network. This should work for an already installed printer on your Windows 8 computer.
Step 2: If the printer is not already installed on your Windows 8 computer

In this case, you should add your printer to your Windows 8 machine this way. Click/tap “File Explorer” from Windows 8 taskbar, right click “Computer”, and select “Manage”. On the “Computer Management” window, tap/click “Device Manager”, select your computer name and click “Add legacy hardware”. On the “Add Hardware” dialog box, click/tap the “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)” option and hit “Next”.
Step 3: Install Printer Drivers

From the list of devices, select “Printers”, click “Next”. Select “Use an existing port” and hit “Next”. If you have the printer setup disk, click “Have Disk” and hit “Next” button. You must enter the disk when prompted. If you don’t have a disk, click “Windows Update” to help Windows 8 automatically search for right drivers and install them.
Step 4: Complete Printer Installation

When done, print a test page. If you are prompted to share your printer, select “Do not share this printer”, click “Next” or “OK” to proceed. Click “Finish” to exit the “Add Printer Wizard” if the test printout comes fine. In case the testing fails, go back to printer settings and correct them. Exit all the windows and remove the disk if it is still in there. Your printer is now ready for use.



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