How to Troubleshoot Printer Cartridge Problems

Printer cartridges are essential components which contain ink or toner powder required for a printer to print. Without printer cartridges, a printer cannot print. Owing to dust, placement in a wrong slot, emptiness/half, clogged nozzle, and more reasons, printer cartridge face problems following which a printer stops printing or starts throwing error messages. Printer cartridge problems are easy to deal with as compared to the problematic printer itself. Here is what you can do to fix the problems your printer cartridge(s) is facing.


Step 1

Open the tray and remove the printer cartridge. Now gently blow on the cartridge to blow off the dust particles from it. Cleaning up the ink/toner cartridge will help function it properly. When done, place the cartridge back into the right slot to prevent an error from occurring. To know how to remove and place the cartridge back in, refer to your printer manual.

Step 2

If you find the ink or toner dried up or clogged inside, you should take a cotton swab or a soft, lint-free cloth, dip it into alcohol or hot water (saving yourself), and gently rub it against the printhead. It’ll help unclog the ink dried up around that area and make printer cartridges working again. When done, take a soft paper and rub it gently against and around the printhead to wipe off any excess moisture. When the printhead is totally dried up and cleaned, place it back firmly. You should refer to your printer setup manual to know how to clean the printhead of your printer.

Step 3

Run the internal cleanup process for your printer so that it runs properly. The process for running an internal cleanup may differ from printer to printer, so you should refer to your printer manual.

Step 4

Check your printer cartridge to make sure that it doesn’t have any protective tapes or plastic covers. If there is any then it is likely preventing the cartridge from functioning properly. Remove the cover or tap from the cartridge and place it back in its slot. Do not remove any copper plating or anything else which damages the cartridge. You should refer to your printer manual about what and how to remove those protected covers from the cartridges.

Step 5

If still the printer cartridge is not working, check if it has emptied. If the cartridge is empty, then replace it. If the cartridge is about to finish but has not finished, then clean up its printhead using the alcohol-dipped cotton swab. This will help loosen up the ink or toner make it function properly.

Step 6

If the printer cartridge is still running in problems, then it is likely a defective piece. Send it back to the manufacturer for a check and if it’s faulty then ask for a replacement. I know many manufacturers will try to manipulate but they will have to agree provided that their item is defective.



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