Common Laser Printer Mechanical Problems and Solutions

Mechanical Problems

Mechanical problems, such as misdeeds and paper jams, are normally caused by the media being used in a printer rather then the printer mechanism. The following are typical problems.

If a misdeed occurs, remove the paper from the paper feeder, and fan the paper so that sheets are not sticking together. Reload the paper ensuring that the curl is loaded as specified by the printer manufacturer.

Paper Jams:
If a paper jam occurs, carefully follow the procedures in the laser printer user guide to remove the jammed paper. Pay particular attention to instructions which require the paper to be removed in a specific direction, as the paper may have loose toner on it which has not been fused and which may contaminate the printer mechanism. Paper may also be jammed between paper feed rollers or in the fuser rollers, attempting to pull paper in the wrong direction through these rollers will probably tear the paper

Lost Characters  :
If characters are occasionally missing from the text there is probably a communications error.

Check that the cable connecting the printer to the computer is correctly plugged in. Check the communications settings on the printer and the computer, ensuring that they match. Try using another communications cable. If a serial connection is being used, try setting the serial baud rate to a lower speed.

Split Text :
If text is split over two pages there is probably a configuration error in the software application sending the text. Check the software application setup to ensure that the page length and margins are correctly set.

Split text is very rarely caused by the printer, but it may occur if a page contains a very large number of characters and there is insufficient memory in the printer to cope. For instance a complete page of 6 point text contains many more characters than a page of 10 or 12 point text, and may exceed the capabilities of some printers.


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